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Our nation has a glorious past in terms of higher education system, and had world renowned universities like Nalanda University and Takshshila University. But, the glorious past alone not necessarily assures a bright future. If we bring into conversation the application of the education being offered :
-NASSCOM reports that the percentage of employability of the million students graduating each year is estimated to be four percent while other reports raise the claim to 10 percent.
– Educational institutes are divided into multiple tiers based on their rankings. Each of these tiers face their own set of problems and as a result each tier needs to tackle their problems differently.
Here, MY SKILL REPUBLIC is commited to offer the students preparatory courses while pursuing the degree, providing the students an understanding of business.

The tier- II colleges have put in a lot of effort to improve the quality of their programs and facilities, thus improving their positioning. Students here have high aptitudes and perform well consistently. There is a gap that the companies should focus on. Compromises in the quality of the intake of both faculties and students are a major feature of tier – III colleges. Companies that recruit from these colleges are forced to train the students not only in the basic aspects of the subject but also in industry experience, hands-on knowledge and the technical know-how.
Therefore, in the current context of enormous competition, it has become very important for an individual or business houses to keep improving on a day to day basis. Isn’t it? But how? We at My Skill Republic have dedicated ourselves to help you MAXIMIZE YOUR POTENTIAL through counseling, motivation sessions and boot camps. Counseling, motivation sessions and boot camps are dedicated to help you develop an understanding and arrive at a result with the blueprint ready.

We strongly feel that if an individual or a business house understands itself and the work areas better, it becomes easier for them to get in sync with the contemporary competitive environment and pace up well in accordance with his inner desires. Our goal is to touch one’s life mentally, financially, intellectually and spiritually. Our core belief is that we can help you get on to the success highway through igniting your inner desires and making you believe that YES, YOU DESERVE YOUR GOAL. We take you through to the way you have shaped yourself over a period of time and try and Undo the unproductive thoughts and beliefs that keep you busy for no reason and save you a lot of time through MAPPING YOU TO PRODUCTIVITY based on your potential. The identification procedure of EFFICIENCY VS EFFECTIVENESS helps you realize your potential and helps you plan better .

Your choice of life or your choice of results…
Have you ever given it a thought that when was the last time your ideas were being heard and acknowledged? You would come across a lot of people who give free advices without asking. The difference here is WE ASK YOU and YOU CREATE YOURSELF. Your interest area, your likes and dislikes, your idea of life, your way to living, your way of communication is heard, noticed and valued at the first go and a better way of MAXIMIZING YOUR POTENTIAL is being arrived at in consultation with you. The process is to produce something in-sync with you. Isn’t it exciting?

We are more about you than us.
Is it not important for an individual/business house to IDENTIFY what they are meant for?
Is it not important for you make yourself battle ready?
What would happen to a warrior walking in the battle ground without weapons?
Why very few grow and excel while others accept mediocrity?
Is it not important to prepare?
We have come to walk along with you hand in hand in your space to create the best VERSION of YOU.
We would like to associate with one and all (Individuals and corporate houses) to help them produce better results. We would like to be flexible to such an extent that if anyone wants us to design a deliverable based on their specific requirements, we along with our efficient team can do it too.
Our trainings are dedicated to creating a better version of you, by you, through you. Therefore, you win.