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Ex- Govt. Employee
My Skill Republic helped me grow in my thought process. It was amazing being a trainee watching my belief level expand. I walked out as a better person altogether. Their personal attention to everyone touched me the most.
Computer Engineer
Being in a job, it becomes very monotonous doing the same thing again and again. I was seeking help breaking the monotony. Fortunately, I find My Skill Republic. They really added value by providing a career blueprint in their HEADSTART module. I feel I make better decisions now. They are truly professional.
In my part-time assignments, I needed productivity given the hours I put in. My Skill Republic really helped me understand how to have proper allocation of time resource and have awesome productivity. Thank you, You guys Rock.
software engineer
It is important to hit the work-life balance being into the cut throat competition. My Skill Republic taught me that yes, one needs to learn that. It was an amazing session with them. I sincerely endorse them mandatorily.