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Corporate Trainings:Train your Employees- I Am the CEO: How to Be Excellent at Work
Get the mandatory career skills modern employers expect in the global workplace. Exceed expectations and consistently outnumber the targets.

What you’ll learn
✔  You will learn how to get in sync with the organization’s goals
✔  You would enhance your ability to fit in the group.
✔  Enhance professional presence, soft skills, and confidence at the workplace.
✔ How to communicate effectively to be on the same page?
✔  Ask better questions and increase your ability to come up with more and better ideas.
✔  Pen down specific, actionable and clear goals by making a simple but effective action plan.
✔  Taking feedback positively

✔  Diary and pen
✔  Willing to learn and grow.
✔  No special skills or knowledge are needed before taking this course. However it is helpful to already be working in an international environment or to have plans to someday do so.

You’ve well managed to secure your very first “real" full-time job? Congratulations! Now what?
In the highly competitive environment, it is not a surprise the employees get burnt out. Today’s fast paced rat race effects employee’s confidence pretty often. It becomes very important for oneself to be trained on how to manage him/her at the workplace. How to be a performer and be in the good books of the employer? How can one plan his growth by understanding the vision of the company? It teaches how to develop an understanding and bridging the gap.
This easy to follow course is a tailor made solution for the employees at any level in the organization to grow in results. It is a must for those looking to brush up on existing soft skills and business acumen. It will take you by the hand and help you with all that you are expected to know immediately like how you should dress, behave, and act.
We also help you develop effective work habits that will help you succeed at your job, create a healthy work/life balance, and have a better understanding of your own personal strengths and how you work best.

Let us help you succeed at work. By the end of this course you will be able to:
– Develop an clear understanding og what is expected out of you?
– Evaluate individual signature strengths and understand how those are best used at the individual and team levels.
– Develop soft skills, professional presence, and confidence in the workplace.
– Become an effective communicator in the work environment.
– Ask better questions and increase your ability to come up with more and better ideas.
– Create clear, specific, and actionable goals by making a simple but effective action plan.

Who this course is for:
– This course is best suited for one and all in an office environment who would like to communicate better with clients and their team, understand better how to succeed in an international work environment, and to learn soft skills for better work productivity and success.
– This course will also help college students, interns, and recent graduates as they begin to navigate the work environment for the first time.